Saturday, December 5, 2009

New Moon...

Yesterday, myself and a couple of the girls decided to go and see New Moon. Of course, i was looking forward to seeing it - it was one of the most highly anticipated sequels ever...especially because of one particular person...

Now, i'm not one of the slightly verging-on-crazy fans who want Robert Pattinson to bite them. I am also not someone who has read any of the books. If i'm honest, i read 10 pages (just about) of Twilight and I gave up on it - it just didn't appeal to me...ok, truthfully, it was terribly written in my opinion - not that I'm a best-selling author! But compared to other books I've read, it ranked very low.

But getting back to the movie. For some odd reason, the screening wsa delayed by about 30 minutes which did annoy me but it was New Moon - surely it was worth waiting for??

My answer to that question? A resounding no!

For starters, that 'actress' Kristen Stewart cannot act. Or else she is portraying the character of Bella as a very irritating and dramatic teenager. Like at the beginning, (don't worry, I'm not going to give any *major* spoiler), she seems to be very paranoid about getting older and ageing. Her father in the movie, the delish Billy Burke, jokes that she has a grey hair. She runs to the mirror and frantically looks at her hair and doesn't like the fact that she may have a grey hair...she didn't. That just turned me off her, and the film immediately - like in fairness, i'm the same age as the character of Bella and you don't see me checking for a strand of hair that, God forbid, is a scary shade of silver. I found myself saying to her, in my mind...Get Over Yourself!

Also, to my disappointment, the character of Jacob did still have the horrifically long hair for the start of the film and I found I was only looking forward to the scene where we would see that lovely tanned torso of his. But even when that came about 45minutes later with him standing in the pouring rain, it just wasn't enough. After 1 hour and 15mins of the 140minutes of the film, me and my girlies left very disappointed and wished we hadn't wasted our money on the film. And just so you know, my two friends have read the books so it isnt just the case that 'oh, i didnt like it because i didnt read the books.' I don't think that has much to do with it.

True die-hard Twilight/Edward Cullen/Jacob Black fans will proabably enjoy this, but in my opinion, its right up there with other movies that I'm sorry I ever went to see.


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere - happy posting :)

  2. I refuse to spend any money on any of these movies. The books were bad enough. Not going to waste hours of my life on the films. Surprised you survived. ;)

  3. I thought i was the only one who didnt like the whole twilight obsession!! :oP Haha i'm surprised that Jacob didnt save it for me - usually that would keep me quite content! :)