Saturday, December 12, 2009

Can ya hear me???

There's nothing that I love more than hearing some funny stories!!

I was on the train home from college one evening last week, and a woman called Liz, who gets off at my stop, sat down beside me. We had a lovely chat, during which she told me some stories about customers she had dealt with during her time as an employee of a hearing aid store...(not quite sure what you'd call it!?)

But anyways, she said how a woman came in one day who needed two new hearing aids. Her reason being...her dog ate....yes ATE, her 2 hearing aids!! I laughed so much, even though it probably isnt that funny but honestly, you'd hear of a dog eating your homework, but this takes it to a whole new level!

Another customer that she dealt with was an elderly man who had lost one of his hearing aids....cue the conversation they had about how he lost it:- (L for Liz and M for...well Man!)

M: Now, i think i either lost it in the pub, while I was out walking...or maybe in the river.

L: The river?? How did you lose it there?

M: Well you see, I was leaning over to look down at the water & it might have fallen out...i don't really remember...

L: Can you remember if you could hear the water??

M: I'm not sure now, sorry.

L: No, thats grand. What i'll do so is give you a ring at home when its ready and you can come in and pick it up. Is that ok?

M: Oh jaysus, don't ring the house, the wife doesnt know i've lost it, she'll kill me!

L: Oh...ok. Thats grand. Here, i'll give you your receipt.

M: Oh you can dump that, I don't want any evidence of it in case the wife finds it!

Now, i honestly never laughed as much! I thought it was one of the funniest stories ever. He could have been caught doing alot worse...for instance, i'm sure you've all heard about a certain Tiger's a picture the papers didnt show you...

The final story Liz told me was a very sweet one. It was about a customer that she had that day who wanted a replacement hearing aid. He had just gotten the all-clear from the hospital that he was cancer free after going through many months, if not years of chemotherapy. He apologised to her if there was a smell of brandy off his breath because he had had a celebratory drink after getting the good news. Nothing like a bit of good news to warm your heart! I thought that was a very heartwarming story, really makes you appreciate the good things in life because you just don't know when it could be snatched away from you...

Lessons of the day:

1. Keep hearing aids away from animals as there is a chance they will eat them.
2. Stay away from rivers in case your hearing aid falls out.
3. Appreciate all you have and be grateful for the present - don't linger in the past or worry about the future - life is short so make every moment worthwhile.

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