Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Hello everyone! Firstly, Happy New Year to you all - i sincerely hope that it brings you and your loved ones every health, happiness and that everything you wish for comes true. Its 2010, (twenty-ten i'm calling it...two thousand and ten is just too long!) so its a new year, a new decade and maybe, a new beginning for some. I've always made resolutions and always broken them after a day...i'm really hopeless at keeping them.

So this year, i haven't made any resolutions - just going to take each day one at a time and enjoy it! :o) How about you? Resolutions or no resolutions?

Secondly, i can only apologise to you all for my lack of blogging of late. It is approaching a month since my last post!! That is just shameful, i know! But i do have an excuse - my health coming up to Christmas was really not good and after 2 misdiagnosis', i found out i had the swine flu!! I was sick for nearly a month - i couldnt even go out for my birthday which really was disappointing! But i am now over the worst of it i survived the swine flu! Yay me! :o)

How was Christmas for everyone? I can't believe its over. It absolutely flew! But i must say i got some lovely presents - here are a few:

The 15th Anniversary Friends Boxset, containing every episode ever made plus hours of extra unseen footage! Really loving this!

The Take That Live Tour DVD of The Circus 2009. I really wanted this because I was lucky enough to see this concert in Croke Park in Dublin and everything was the same - the set list, the stage etc so I'm delighted I got this because it brings back good memories of the best concert I have ever been to!

The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern. Cecelia Ahern is one of my favourite authors - i really love the magic in her books and the imagination and creativity that goes into the storylines - it's really fantastic. I finished this book only a few days ago so will post a review soon!

Moving on though from Christmas and pressies, at the present moment, i can't sleep! I havent had a proper nights sleep since Monday last which is so frustrating because i really do *heart* my bed and my sleep!! But i do find that for a week or 2 every month, maybe more, that i suffer from insomnia. Its a pain and i am truly exhausted so i'm praying that i'll get a good 40 winks soon!If anyone has any suggestions as to what may help me sleep well, please do send them my way!

I am back to college this Monday coming and i don't know whether i am looking forward to it or not...*sigh* It will be good to get back into routine but dreading the thought of assignments and also the possibility of maths in SocPol (Sociology with Politics) - um, i didnt sign up for maths!!! I just about coped with pass Maths for the Leaving Certificate and thats where i want to leave it!! But on the upside, it'll be:

1) Nice to see everyone again.

2) A form of exercise - walking to college, walking to college bar..:oP

3)As i mentioned, it will be good to have some sort of a routine again. I'm so lost on days of the week and what not so i need the structure back in my life in that sense!

The weather here, aswell as all over the country and in other parts of the world has been really unbelievable. Snow, frost, minus 10 degrees (and more) and no sign of it letting up! Its crazy - only before Christmas, the country was under water with severe rain and flooding and now it's the big freeze. I can just see a heatwave being next on the cards...just to even things out!

On a final note, I just want to wish Marian Keyes - the amazing and incredibly talented author, all the very best in her battle against depression. She is just so, so lovely and it is awful to think that she is going through such a horrible time. She doesn't deserve that at all. I had the honour of meeting her at a book signing in Dublin only 2 months ago and she was so upbeat, so bubbly and so, so friendly. So here's to Marian - wishing her every strength and happiness to help her to see the light at the end of the tunnel. XXX