Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My latest news...

Hello everyone. Remember me?? Well, last time I posted here, I promised myself I would post more regularly....clearly, that did not happen! This time I'll try harder, honest! :-P

So since I last posted, what has been happening?

Well firstly, my darling aunt Caroline is expecting her first baby. She was due last Sunday but still no sign of anything as of yet!! It's so exciting, a new baby cousin! :) It's weird though, everyone thinks I'm going to be a hope that clears up any confusion amongst you!

Secondly, on the 29th June last, I went to see Leona Lewis in concert in the 02 in Dublin! She was phenomenal! Support act was Hermione Hennessy (the late Christy Hennessy's daughter). She had an amazing voice too! Ever since Leona won the X Factor, I have wanted to see her live so now that the opportunity came around, I just had to do it!! Here are some pictures I took on the night, possibly the best ones. The camera settings got the better of me and unfortunately, quite a few are blurry!

It really was a fantastic night - bring on Michael Buble in September!!!! :-D

As mentioned in my last post too, writing was/is on my agenda!! The day after Leona Lewis, I met up with the amazing and totally inspirational author Cathy Kelly, for a coffee in Dublin. She is so lovely and so down to earth. She gave me some much appreciated writing tips and we had a really nice chat about everything and anything. Afterwards, we went browsing the shops together, looking for some good bargains. ;) I have some pretty concrete ideas written down, so now the hard work begins.... let's see where this takes me...

Until next time...:)

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